Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Flying Saucer Restaurant

Today I decided to bring my friend to the most interesting place in Niagara Falls, Ontario: the Flying Saucer Restaurant. I know a lot of people think the falls are the most interesting part of any trip to Niagara Falls but its simply not true. The falls can be seen easily when driving by those long winding roads that fence the lookout points. Many people still shell out $18 for a not-so-near parking space and force themselves to walk along the fenced falls, but they only see a longer look of the falls, not a better one. And let's face it, whether you choose to look out from your car or walk along the pathway, the whole sight lasts from five to fifteen minutes. What do you do then? Do you walk up to Clifton Hills and see the obnoxious museums that are over-priced?

Well, if you're a local, you stay in your car and boot up to Lundy's Lane and grab a seat at the Flying Saucer Restaurant. Of course, some locals confuse Stanley Avenue with Lundy's Lane which is what I did today. So after the obligatory drive by the falls, we drove up and down Stanley Avenue looking for the Flying Saucer to no avail. I worried for a few minutes that the place had gone out of business, but after getting home and googling it, I realized it wasn't on Stanley but Lundy's Lane. We'll have to try to make it again later in the week. After all, the Flying Saucer is one memorable place. It's worth a second attempt!

We found the Flying Saucer years ago, after seeing a City TV special on aliens. The owner of the restaurant was quoted on the special and the restaurant was featured but he did not appear on camera -- perhaps because people would think he was nuts. Anyone who has been, knows that even cheap meals are expensive in Niagara Falls. Not at this greasy spoon! Once we arrived, we found the atmosphere to be unique (the building is shaped like a flying saucer). The menu was LARGE with a nice variety of choices. The menu is kind of like a diner with a little bit of everything. The prices all seemed reasonable, especially for a tourist destination. Its good, predictable food at good, reasonable prices and it has a great atmosphere to boot! Of course, I missed going today - so I will have to report back on whether the prices and atmosphere still live up to this!

So my friend will just have to be patient. We'll get him there in the next few days. After all, how often do you get the chance to eat lunch in a UFO?

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