Thursday, December 29, 2011

Tassimo Coffee Machine - not for me

A few months back my old, tried and true coffee maker died. It just went, in the middle of a pot, without fanfare and I didn't notice until I tried to make the next pot and the old thing didn't work. Some trendier friends of mine had recently bought Tassimo coffee machines and were raving about them. So much so, that they even began to call their coffee machine "Tassimo" as if it were a person. "Tassimo is great" or "Tassimo reads the barcode and makes the coffee or tea from that" or even "doesn't Tassimo make the best coffee?". Now, if it were a possession you would likely say "My Tassimo...or my coffee machine". But wait! I was still in the land of coffee makers and I hadn't named mine at all. Obviously I was a bit behind. So when my machine died, I decided to treat myself to a Tassimo Coffee Machine. They were on sale at Walmart for $98. I, ever the frugal shopper, found a store model on Ebay for $35. It was from Quebec so there wasn't even duty to worry about just $10 in shipping. I congratulated myself on my keen skills in buying things for less, and awaited the arrival of my "coffee machine".

Once it arrived, I went to Walmart and bought three packs of Maxwell House Colombian Coffee t-disks (price $3.67 for 8 t-disks). Then I discovered that one could get three 16 t-disk packs from Costco for $20 and that included an additional bonus pack of 8 cappuccino t-disks as well. I bought it. In three weeks, I was out of coffee and down approximately $35 it. I decided this was too much. I began conversing with others - where is it on sale? who sells it cheap? Everyone had the same problem as me but instead of re-thinking their Tassimo purchase, they simply raved about the coffee. And to be sure, it is good coffee.

So, I decided to give it one more try. I loaded up on 16 packs of Colombian coffee t-disks and a pack of 8 chai tea lattes and spent approximately $50 on coffee. I  decided that this should last me about a month (which, if it had, would have been more than three times my budget for ground coffee with my old machine). It lasted about 10 days.

So I am back to a coffee maker. I bought it for $12 from Canadian Tire and paid $14 for 1kg of coffee at Metro. I plan on putting the Tassimo away, and pull it out for special occasions.

All in all, the Tassimo probably makes sense if you buy lattes or other specialty drinks at Starbucks. Otherwise, the t-disks are very expensive. On Saturdays, I like to make a pot of coffee and drink two or three cups before going to the dog park with my basset hound. That would be 3/8 of the Tassimo pack. And that is the biggest drawback - if you like to linger over a pot of coffee, Tassimo is not for you!

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