Sunday, February 5, 2012

Magic Jack : I haven't paid a phone bill in a year

Money Saving Tip #3

I looked into Magic Jack for quite awhile before finally deciding to plop my $50 down and get one. And I am glad I did. A few weeks ago, someone mentioned they had a phone bill to pay and I thought "phone bills...I remember paying those". Thanks to Magic Jack I haven't paid a phone bill in almost a year.

Here is how it works: you plug the Magic Jack into the computer (or the newer ones plug into the router) and you plug your phone into it. I like to have a few extensions so I plug my main unit into the Majic Jack and have three extensions around the house.

Magic jack allows you to pick a phone number based on availability and the area code you live in. Your number is unlisted, which is a nice plus. Voice mail is sent to your email address and you have call-display too. All North American long distance is free. You can buy phone cards for calls further afield. Or, if you are really thinking, have your friend buy a magic jack too. Magic Jack calls to and from other Magic Jack phones are free no matter where in the world they are located.

I do notice that sometimes there is static on the line at times. I have one friend whom I call who can not hear me when I talk. When that friend calls me, everything is fine. She has had problems on her line for years, so I am not sure the issue is with Magic Jack.  Regardless, this small inconvenience is worth the $50 savings per month.

I wish I had bought a Magic Jack years ago!

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