Monday, January 9, 2012

Money-Saving Tip of the Week


This is a grocery list in reverse. You take your receipt and check off items as you use them to find out if you are throwing your money away on groceries you don't eat.

One of the cooking books I read last summer, (yes, I read cooking books and I sometimes get around to making one of the recipes) suggested writing down all of the items bought at the grocery store and then checking it off as it is used.

I am a busy person and asking me to write out the items I buy is a lot of work. So I just used a magnet and put the receipt on the fridge. I checked off each item as used. At the end of the week, I did a quick check of the items that weren't checked off. It turns out about half were never used at all. The other half were used in portions.

So I am learning to buy smaller amounts ( 1 avocado instead of 3) and to buy some things less often (cereal only when its on sale and only if I don't have a supply at home). I've found that my grocery bill has gone from about $75/week to about $50.

Its that time of year, when the bills from the-Christmas-excess come in. I thought this might be a handy tip to pass along. Its an easy way to keep track of what you are buying and what you don't need to buy. I suggest you try it.
This is such an easy thing to try that there isn't any reason that everyone shouldn't do it this week.

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