Friday, January 6, 2012

My New Machine!

My new machine is used. I bought it for fifty bucks off of Kijiji! This is very similar to the machine I learned to sew on. Being vintage, I expected it to come with few accessories. Instead, it comes with all the accessories imaginable! I have a complete instruction manual, buttonhole attachments, pattern cams (to do fancy stitches with) and an attachment for monograms. I can't imagine using the monograms (I'm not going to wear a big "L" on every shirt like Laverne did from Laverne and Shirley!!!) Still, its nice to have. The kit has tons of needles for the machine and bobbins too. I am delighted with this machine.
The guy I bought it off said that someone else came to buy it and then decided against it. The power was too slow. I knew a good machine when I saw one, and I have no problem putting $50 bucks into to get it up to speed. But, after having read the manual, it says turning the sewing machine light on while sewing provides part of the power source to the machine - I doubt they put the light on when they tried it out.
I just imagine the other potential buyer thinking that a new machine can be got for $80 -$150 (at Walmart). Yes, but the new machines are plastic and they break down and apart. I lost many pieces from my last machine. This machine that I got is built to last! I can't believe my luck!

Guess what I will be doing this weekend!

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