Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Office and Bathroom Passes

Any teacher will tell you that bathroom passes are gross. The children return them to you wet, and heaven only knows what they are wet with! This summer I decided to make some passes that the children could carry with them and return to a bin when finished.

I'm actually quite proud of them. I went to Cdn Tire and asked for 10 paint stir sticks. Then I bought some bright coloured spray paint (lime green and bright purple, as it turns out) and a friend sprayed them on both sides with a single colour. The green pass is for the washroom and the purple ones are hall passes. I drilled holes in them and bought some bright orange string at the dollar store and viola! passes that the kids like and I can see from a mile away!


  1. Has this solved the problem of wet passes?

  2. The children can wear these around their necks on carry them on their wrists. When they return to class, they can put them in the bucket and we can all see they have been returned. The problem isn't that the passes get wet; the problem is that they are handed back to me when they are wet. The stir sticks make it possible for them to return the passes without me ever touching them!

  3. Cute! I love the different bathroom passes that teachers make. I recently wrote a blog about five different ways teachers can choose to manage bathroom breaks in class and the bathroom pass made the list! http://www.eslcarissa.blogspot.mx/2014/01/i-have-to-go-to-bathroom.html



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