Sunday, February 5, 2012

Ten Easy Changes that Can Really Save You Money in 2012! Money Saving Tip of the Week #3

  • Save your change – this can be as much as $50 a month. This can be almost painless!  I never carry change, so every time I receive coin in change I put it into a jar. My bank has a free coin-counting machine so its great.
  • Stop buying soda, coffee, and junk food when out – $100 -150 per month.  This can be a hidden expense because you are going to work or shopping and you spend $7 on a latte and a pastry.  If you do this every day, you can spend over $150 per month.
  • Take your lunch to work – $250-350 per month.  Going out to lunch can average over $10 -15 per day.  You can save money, eat better and have some flexibility where you have your lunch. I keep apples, crackers and drinking boxes in my car for  the long commute. That way I have no excuse to stop and spend my money
  • Cancel your cable TV – $50-150 per month.  There are a lot of alternatives to cable/satellite TV such as dvds from the library or borrowed from friends and tv shows via the computer.
  • Get Magicjack or other computer phone services. I haven't paid a phone bill in a year thanks to Magicjack. That's a savings of $50/month
  • Use the Internet to shop for significant purchases – savings up from 10-50%.  A few months ago, I bought a Tassimo Coffee Machine for $35 when it was over $90 at Walmart. I look on Kijiji and Ebay too.
  • Increase insurance deductibles – $200 per year.  Too often, insurance deductibles are set and forgotten.  You may never have a claim, in the meantime enjoy some of the savings of a higher deductible and put it in savings.
  • Lower thermostat in winter and raise it in summer – $25-100 per month.  A setback thermostat can save you significant money in utilities.  Set your thermostat higher (78 degrees) during the day when no one is home during the summer and lower (65 degrees) in the winter.
  • Pay bills online/automatic bill pay – $15-20 per month postage.  Using online banking will not only help you organize your financial life, but save you money in postage
  • Forgo the already-made products (fresh and frozen) at the grocery store – they're expensive! Make your own pizza, hamburgers, fries, etc in bulk. (The one exception to this rule is lasagna – how can you make a tray from scratch for $15?)

Now pay all those savings into your debt or savings account. You haven't saved a cent if you purchase other things with the money you save!

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