Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Top Ten Great Things about My Dog!

This is a picture of my dog Elvis. I got him from Barkin Rescue about 5 years ago. He has settled into his new home nicely, and is a very friendly guy. There are a few quirks about him though - some that are traits of his breed and others that are his own.

  1. I read that basset hound ears are longer than basset hound legs. It appears to be true, but since he won`t let me measure them, I can`t be sure.
  2. He loves to try new things - like swimming with his dog pals. His barrel-chest and short legs make it less than ideal to swim but that doesn`t stop him. 
  3. Even though his breed tends to overweight, this guy doesn`t eat a lot. 
  4. He is a pure athlete. 
  5. He can`t stand to have his toe nails touched. So clipping them is an ordeal.
  6. Now that he is five, he sometimes prefers the sofa to a long walk.
  7. He hates mornings.
  8. He views all commands as requests that can be ignored, even if treats are involved.
  9. He uses those sad eyes to get whatever he wants from others. 
  10. He sheds hair all-year round. 

Oh! I guess I have to put in the last basset hound doesn`t howl! Some idiot kicked him before he was rescued and the vet says his howl was likely the reason. So his howl has been kicked right out of him. I have only heard him howl twice in the time I have known him - both during the middle of the night.


    1. I have a basset hound too. My dog, Hubert, is fat and can only walk up and down the driveway.

    2. Your baby must just love u!



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