Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Two-Bite Original Cupcakes: Not Worth Two Cents

I have never been one to listen to the hype about artificial flavours and preservatives in food. Hey, I love McDonald's food - I avoid it because I want to keep the weight off, not because it is an affront to my healthy lifestyle. But I noticed something today that has really got me thinking: i left some store-bought cupcakes in my classroom over the two-week Christmas break. They are a plastic tray of 12 mini cupcakes with vanilla (or white) frosting and candy sprinkles.

Well, today is Wednesday, January 11. Which means they have been here since Dec 23. That's 19 days, without refrigeration and these are in a plastic tray. They are not vacuum-sealed.

I noticed them on the bookshelf this morning and went to throw them out when I noted that there was no bad smell coming from the box. I opened it and the cupcakes are still soft and the frosting looks fresh! I wouldn't do this, but I bet I could put them out in the staffroom for my colleagues to eat.

Two-bite was originally a small part of Whole Foods. To fill this demand, Whole Foods went into mass production and that’s apparently when the quality dropped off. Imagine: Whole Foods who promotes itself as the ultimate in good food is selling such preservative laden food that that same food doesn't seem to break-down. Is this really food?

The label stated the manufacturer is  Give and Go Foods.  So I wrote an email to Give And Go Prepared Foods:
I am wondering if you can tell me what preservatives you put in your cupcakes? I purchased the vanilla brand prior to Christmas and did not have a chance to serve them over the holidays. Actually, they have been left out on the shelf since the 23rd of December. While there is a plastic container, they do not appear to be vacuum-sealed. After 19 days, the cupcakes are still soft and appear to be fresh. Should I be concerned? Can I still eat these?

I received a prompt reply:

Thank you for contacting us regarding our cupcakes. We allow 21 days for our cupcakes to ensure freshness. When is the best before date applied on your cupcakes? Is it 19days today? I don’t know when did the store applied the best before date on the packaging but it is best to rely on the best before date they put.

We ship all our products frozen to the store. It is the store’s responsibility to apply the best before date based on the products approved shelf life upon thawing.

Should you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

As you can see from the label, there is no best-before stamp. Perhaps I bought the freshest cupcakes on the market! I think I will keep this on my shelf and make posts to update people on it!


  1. This reminds me of a skit on "A Prairie Home Companion" about "Slo-Decay Snack Cakes: You can keep them for years and years, and the taste never changes!" (They never say the taste is good, only that it tastes the same after 3 years as it did when it was first bought.)

  2. post updated pics please



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