Saturday, January 14, 2012

Why Does Fabricland Hire Such Bitchy Salespeople?

Yesterday, I was at Fabricland, and I was prepared to spend about $100 in fabric and patterns. There was a sale on many of the fabrics - buy 1 get 2 free. Meaning buy one meter get two meters free. I overheard a young salesperson tell another customer that the 3 meters could be divided among different fabrics of the same price point. So I went looking for different fabrics. Eventually, I found three bolts that I like. Fabric bolts can be anywhere from two to six feet in height and the weight varies on the fabric. Let's just say they are cumbersome.

At the cutting table (you have to wait for the clerk to do the cutting for you), a clerk called out that she could help me there. I then shuffled over with the first bolt, then the second and then the third. When I had finished she informed me that I needn't have moved them at all. I thanked her for waiting until I had finished before telling me that.

I began my order by asking if the buy 1 get 2 free could be split among three fabric as I had heard. All fabrics would have to be the same price. I said they were. She insisted on seeing the price tag. Then begrudgingly said she could. Then she asked me to move the bolts onto the table. I reminded her that she just said I didn't have to move things. She then moved one onto the table. I told her how much I wanted. She then decided that she must know, before cutting any fabric, how much I wanted of each fabric, so that it added up to three. I stood there for a few seconds, stymied at the way I was being treated. I said to her that I had been shopping for many years and I knew how retail worked. If I didn't buy three meters - or a multiple of three- then I would be paying full price for the extra material beyond three or its multiple.

This seemed to be above her head. She insisted I tell her all the fabrics I want before she cut any at all.  Now, just to make sure you understand the setting: there seemed to be only one other customer in the store. No one was waiting in line, there was no rush. This woman just seemed to think she could act like this. I walked out.


  1. Wow, that does sound bitchy. She must've been having a terrible day, although that's still no excuse for her rude behaviour.

    I just came home from the North York Central Library. On a whim, I popped into the Fabricland across the street and found out that they are closing at the end of July 2012! I guess a fabric store doesn't fit into "the style" (whatever that is) of the area. Anyway, they're having a closing sale - 30% to 66% off regular prices on most items. (Not sure if you live close to this store or not.)

    The kicker bargain is buy 1 pattern and get 2 free; you pay for the most expensive pattern. I limited today's purchases to specialty threads (silk, invisible, jean). I have to preplan my pattern purchases, or I go crazy!

    I've only found your blogs today, so I'm not sure if this applies to you - 50% off on Mother's' Day.

    1. I am definitely making a special trip to North York next weekend! Thanks for letting me know Liz!!!

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