Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Day 4: My Financial Diet

Okay, I am very committed to this goal. I have passed up eating out twice and I have gone without purchased coffee as well. I want to make a big credit card payment this week, so I am adding the money up ($8 for each meal out passed up and $1.50 for each coffee passed up = $19 which I am adding to my payment this week.) That way, I am still broke but my debt is falling.

My financial broker told me years ago not to wait to pay off debt in order to start savings. Think about it: most people wait until all their bills are paid before they start putting money away. They think they money they put away would be better spent on debt (by reducing interest). But most of us have revolving debt which means we pay some down and spend again.

I took his advice and put savings away every month - and I have a good chunk put away. So while I am in debt, I also have some savings put away.

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