Thursday, February 9, 2012

Day 6: My Financial Diet

Today was a bad day. I broke and bought lunch out. I love eating lunch out - it gets me out of the building and away from the pressures of work. Plus, the meal is hot and ready to eat. But the calories and price will kill me.
One thing I've learned from this diet is to think of it as temporary. You know how food diets say to think of it as a lifestyle change? The reverse is true with the financial diet. In a year, I want to be a lot nearer debt-free status and then I will be able to enjoy store-bought coffee and meals guilt-free!


Cat Food (no name brand)           $13 for 8 kg
Cat food (cans)                             $3 for 4
 Dog food (PC brand)                  $3 for 2 large cans

Dvd on sale                                  $5 (on sale)

Lunch                                           $8

Gas - I was on empty                  $51 (for the week)

Total:                                         $84

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