Saturday, February 18, 2012

Great Kids Books that Feature Cats

Fun Read-Alouds

Pete the Cat: I love My White Shoes by James Dean (Check out the other Pet the Cat books too)
You can't keep this cat down! His attitude is so positive that his new white shoes get stained and he is still happy. A navy-blue cat, new white shoes, and maintaining a positive outlook. Pete the Cat strolls down the street singing, I love my white shoes, I love my white shoes, I love my white shoes. Then he steps in (actually climbs up) a huge hill of strawberries that turn his pristine sneakers red. Did Pete cry? Goodness, no! He kept walking along and singing his song. I love my red shoes.

Hate that Cat: A Novel by Sharon Creech
Jack is back! Miss Stretchberry moved up with him so luckily he has her as a teacher again. It's time for Miss Stretchberry's poetry unit again, and this time Jack isn't as reluctant to call himself a poet. While Jack does write about Sky, his lovable, yellow dog from LOVE THAT DOG, most of his poems focus on a fat, black neighborhood cat that he absolutely can't stand. Just like in LOVE THAT DOG, Jack uses poetry to discover his true feelings about some important things in his life, the two most important being his mother and cats. The nice thing about HATE THAT CAT is the explicit teaching of multiple literary devices. Jack goes through the process of learning how to utilize alliteration, assonance, consonance, onomatopoeia, metaphor, and simile in his writing, with the help of quality examples. HATE THAT CAT would be extremely useful in the classroom.

Chester by Melanie Watt (check out the other Chester books too!)
This story was written by Melanie Watt until it was re-written by her opinionated and self-centred cat Chester. A delightfully funny book that adults will love as much as the kids do.

The Cricket in Times Square by George Sneldon (this is a novel, but it is a great read-aloud too)
Four unlikely friends, including Harry the Cat, meet a cricket one night. Soon after that meeting in the New York subway station,the cricket takes up residence in a newsstand. Between escapades in New York City, Chester and four new friends manage to bring success to the almost bankrupt newsstand.

Bad Kitty for President by Nick Bruel
It's time to elect a new president of the Neighbourhood Cat Coalition! Who will win the election? The candidate chosen by the kitties on the right side of the street or the candidate chosen by the kitties on the left side of the street? When election time rolls around, one candidate (guess who?) will discover that she never bothered to register to vote and the entire election will be decided by a surprise, last minute absentee ballot sent by Old Kitty.

Excuse Me...Are You a Witch? By Emily Horn
Herbert, a lonely black cat, takes refuge in the library since it is warm and full of interesting books. He learns that witches love black cats, so he sets off to find one of his own. He discovers that not every person with striped stockings, a broom, or a cauldron is a witch, and, in fact, may not like being asked the title question.

Skippyjon Jones by Judith Byron Schachner
According to his mama, Skippyjon Jones needs to do some serious thinking about what it means to be a Siamese cat instead of a bird (Skippyjon always wakes up and eats worms with his feathered friends). She sends him to his room, where he imagines he is a Chihuahua ("My name is Skippito Friskito./I fear not a single bandito"). Chock-full of rhyming chants and Spanish expressions, the feline's adventure as a doggy Zorro ends in chaos.

Sagwa, The Chinese Siamese Cat by Amy Tan 

An original folktale by well known writer Amy Tan. This young children's reader, published by Aladdin in 2001, is set in Imperial China where the cats are employed as calligraphers.

The Diamond Thief by Teresa Giammarino
Juliet the cat is in the city and doesn't think the laws are for her!

Fog Cat by M Helmer and P Mombourquette
Fog Cat seemed to be an elusive dream, but she materialized into a real cat, who used the kindness of a girl and her grandfather (the way cats sometimes do), and then vanished, but left a miracle, in return.

 Joseph and Chico: The Life of Pope Benedict XVI as Told by a Cat by J Perergo
I haven't read this one but I do plan to buy it this weekend. It is an authorized biography in which Chico describes the life of his "best friend" the Pope. The Pope's personal secretary wrote the forward: "Dear Children, here you will find a biography that is different than others because it is told by a cat and it is not every day a cat can consider the Holy Father his friend and sit down to write his life story."


Warriors by Erin Hunter
A collection of children's fantasy novels first published by HarperCollins in 2003. The collection consists of four series of six books each that follow the adventures of four clans of wild cats living in the forest. The series has be written by several authors all under the pseudonym Erin Hunter. Besides the main series a number of graphic novels or "manga" have been published along with four longer format stand alone novels.

The Cats of Roxville Station by Jean Craighead George
A bittersweet the tale of a cat abandoned near a rail station trying to find it's way among feral cats, people and the suburban landscape.

Nine Lives of Chloe King by Liz Braswell
This young adult series of three books published by Simon Pulse, takes place here in San Francisco and is about a girl who discovers she's part of a hybrid race of cat/humans when she loses the first of her nine lives on her sixteenth birthday. The books are the basis of the Tuesday ABC Family TV series by the same name currently in production.


  1. Don't forget 'French for Cats' :)

  2. I wasn't aware of "french for Cats: all the french your cat will ever need" by Henry Beard. I will have to check it out. I do like the line art drawing on the cover (I checked it out on Amazaon)

  3. What about the "cat in the hat"?

  4. The Underneath by Kathi Appelt
    I read it to my class (grade 4)
    From the back cover:A calico cat, about to have kittens, hears the lonely howl of a chained-up hound deep in the backwaters of the bayou. She dares to find him in the forest, and the hound dares to befriend this cat, this feline, this creature he is supposed to hate. They are an unlikely pair, about to become an unlikely family.

  5. Millions of Cats by Wanda Jag isn't on your list and it should be.

  6. How can you forget "slyvester and the magic pebble"? it's a classic!



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