Monday, February 20, 2012

I love Craftsy!

I read on BeeBee's Vintage Dress blog that she signed up for three Craftsy courses. Well, she is ahead of me: I've signed up for two but I plan to do them all. I even like the course about drawing monster.

Right now, I'm in the Couture Dress Course

I am waiting for the pattern to be mailed to me. It actually should arrive any day because I ordered it in January. (waiting for the pattern is awful) and I've already purchased the materials. I am really excited to make this dress.

and in the Bombshell Dress course

I'm not as interested in the finished product of the second course as I am in gaining in skills. This class has a downloadable pattern, which is a bit daunting but the alternative is signing up and waiting FOREVER for the pattern to be mailed to me. I have to put some sort of straps on this dress. While I love it on other people, its a bit too revealing for me! I bought a cool thin denim for this dress.

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