Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Financial Diet Update: Week 2

Okay, just to update everyone.

Coffee out is now a thing of the past. And the good news is that I now also forgo the muffin, donut or bagel I sometimes get with it too. I even had fake coffee (some substitute I found in my cupboard) this morning. It's nice to break the habit. Although, I get a lot of headaches that I bet are related to the lessening amount of caffeine.

My "spend nothing" weekend was a bust. I bought a cone for my dog, who has a cut on his paw. He looks adorable in it. I'll post pics soon. Also, I spent $60 on a vet visit. Better luck next weekend!

I am feeling better about the choices I am making. Instead of buying a book I really wanted to, I ordered it from the library.

I am thinking this will be baby-steps. But steps in the right direction nonetheless!

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