Friday, February 10, 2012

Overview of the Week: Financial Diet

Okay, so I guess I will make a pros column and a cons column.


Pros Cons
  • I paid $300 down on my credit card because I “spent” the remaining money in my bank acct on my debt the night before pay day.

  • I lived by the no impulse buying rule. I had to wait 24 hours to buy anything that was outside of the designated trip. This generally worked.

  • I'm heading into the “buy nothing weekend” and hopefully that will go well. I did this several times last year and I found it took some creativity but I could do it.
  • I was cold all   week because it is winter and I need coffee to help keep me warm. (I'll have to pay instant for work)

  • Fumbled and bought a DVD for $5 in a bad moment. Same with lunch one day and coffee once. (I usually only buy lunch out one day a week, so this shows no improvement. The one coffee I bought is down considerably from last week where I bought 8 coffees when out and about!)

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