Sunday, February 5, 2012

Those Two-Bite Cupcakes are still soft and look okay....

As I told you in an earlier posting, I received Two-Bite Cupcakes on January 23rd. I left them behind in my classroom over the break and when I returned they were still okay. Well, two weeks out of the fridge may be okay. Now it is six weeks (45 days to be exact). They are still looking just as fresh as the day I received them. They are soft, unspoiled and look quite appealing. I'm assuming that the major ingredients are sugar and preservatives (whatever individual name they have for each preservative). See the pictures below:


  1. Hi,

    I came across your blog after doing a google search for original two bite cupcakes. I recently bought some from a local supermarket and it was the first I've ever heard of this brand of cupcakes. I too was curious about the preservatives that were used to make the cupcakes as I was about to serve some for my daughter's in-school birthday party. I usually make cupcakes and cakes from scratch but I was running short on time. Can you kindly tell me how long the cupcakes lasted before spoiling? or if they did spoil at all? Also, did you have any future correspondence with the company that makes the cupcakes?

    1. They never went back. After two months they hardened - marginally. And then they seemed to shrink after about 4 months. I would suggest you use a cake mix before buying these. I doubt these are made of real food - no ants, no smell, no anything happened. It was shocking.



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