Saturday, March 10, 2012

Itchy Ears Remedy

Okay, I get very itchy ears in springtime. I've asked the doctor about it, from time to time, and he checks my ears and says there is no infection. He seems unconcerned that my ears are so itchy. But they are VERY itchy.
Then I went to a naturopath who said it was likely some sort of allergy but had no advice on how to end the itching. From time to time, I look up itchy ears on the internet and I see some OTC ointment for sale. When I buy them, they don't work. I find that I look for days for a drugstore that sells such things and then, pay $15 for a tube that gives me minimal relief.

SO I decided to try apple cider vinegar. I put it on my basset hound's ears to keep them from getting infected and I thought I would try it on myself. It took about three days of cleaning them with ACV but the itchiness is gone.

1 comment:

  1. Hmmm, a teacher with itchy ears. That sounds a little like 2 Timothy 4:3. :-)



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