Thursday, March 8, 2012

Use Common Sense with Making Your Own Bubble Bath

Sometimes I like to check out the cool little make-it-yourself recipes on

And recently, I came across a page that gave directions to make your own bubble bath (see below)

Foaming Vanilla Honey Bath
In a clean container, mix together 1 cup light oil (almond, sunflower, or canola), ½ cup honey, ½ cup mild liquid hand or body soap, and 1 tablespoon vanilla extract. To use, shake gently to remix and pour ¼ cup under the running water as you fill the tub. This recipe yields about 16 ounces, or enough for 8 baths.

 Now, here's my question: should you pour 1/2 c of oil down your drain? I know people vie away from grease, but is oil the same thing? I'm thinking in the name of all things plumbing, you shouldn't tinker with oil in the pipes.
There is no doubt that making your own bubble bath is worth an attempt to make. It may save you money, which is one of my goals for this year. Looking at the ingredients in the above recipe (and even in the one I am about to give you next, I'm sure it has healthier ingredients but it isn't necessarily cost-saving.) So here is a recipe I found in an old copy of a Canadian housekeeping book. (It's falling apart, I've only got a title page and an elastic band around some papers holding it together, so I can't give it more credit than that. It has annoying phrases like "the modern Canadian woman" and 1960s era fonts.)

Homemade Bubble Bath
1/2 cup shampoo
3/4 cup water
1/4 teas. table salt
In a bowl, mix the shampoo and water until well combined.  Add salt and stir until it thickens slightly.  Use a funnel to pour it into a bottle.
And that’s it!

I would add some vanilla or citrus flavouring or essential oils if you are so inclined, but generally since you throw this stuff down the drain regularly, its a lot more safe for your pipes.


  1. You don't want things in your pipes that could gum up with hair, for example, and lead to blockages. Certainly things like grease (animal fat) would do the job, but of course so will soap, as most people know from clogged up sinks or tubs. Of the ingredients listed, I would be more worried about the honey than the oil, because in my experience honey does not dissolve well in drinks like tea unless the water is really hot. However, since this is meant to be spread over 8 baths, the cup of oil and cup of honey are diluted in 250 or more gallons of water. That should be plenty to wash it down, unless you have real problems with your pipes.

  2. I just use dish soap. Its about 99 cents a bottle and it lasts for ever.



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