Monday, March 5, 2012

Using a Bias Cutting Gauge

I always hated measurement in math classes. I can't do it. And it drives me crazy. So, when I discovered the steps to making your own bias tape - an realized how much money I can save doing it - I realized that I had to find a way around my problem with measurement. Then I discovered the Singer Bias Cutting Gauge.

I read about this gauge in Charlene Philips The Sewing Machine Attachment Handbook. And I couldn't figure out how it worked - sometimes I am quite dense. I wondered if it somehow marked the fabric so that you ended up with a line exactly 1/2 inch from where you cut. It is simpler that that.  Basically you affix it to the blade of your scissors and it works as a guide to keep you measurement straight. The guide skims the cut edge and lets you cut exactly 1/2" (or the desired amount). Its right there on your scissors so with even minimal attention you will get evenly cut bias strips easily.

I discovered it on Ebay and bid a few times and lost out. (Those buyers who come in the last 5 seconds always seem to spell disaster for me!) Finally I secured one and it was on its way.

Right now I only need short strips of bias tape because I am trying to make nicer seams inside my sewn garments. I really Hong Kong seams but for now, I am just finishing them sewing bound seams. But now that bias tape is so much simpler to make, Hong Kong seams should be in my future!


  1. Sue PapadoupolosMarch 6, 2012 at 8:14 AM

    I've never heard of this thing. It sounds cool. Let me know how it works out.

  2. I think you wanted your money. Just find a rule that is the width you like and use it to draw lines in fabric chalk on the fabric. Then cut on the lines. What could be simpler than that?

  3. How is cutting bias tape difficult? It really doesn't even have to be cut on the bias unless you are sewing around curves? I doubt you'll use this instrument much.



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