Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hemming Pants, Doing Alterations and Finishing a Skirt Started Long Ago...

 I spent the evening relaxing in front of my sewing machine. The dog was walked and fed and I had tons of little projects to finish up:

I spent the evening getting rid of my to-do pile. Mostly, I was hemming, altering and taking seams in.

Believe it or not, it took me eons to figure out that hemming pants was mostly cutting and ironing the hem in place. Actually sewing the hem is minimal to the process.
I'm altering a pair of boot cut jeans to straight leg.
I've pinned them on each other leg, being sure to taper at the same angle.
Measured twice, just to be sure. Didn't cut these pants at all. I'm not sure how I will end up with the extra fabric...
And then the quick sew! 

Then I decided to sew a waistband on a chevron skirt I started ages (at least two years) ago:

The cutting layout for this pattern was amazing.
I even went to one of those sewing shops that are springing up all over Toronto (but were just new to the area two years ago) to use their serger. Look at how pretty these seam finishes turned out!
So, I've lost the pattern and I have minimal excess fabric and I need a waistband for this skirt...I decided to use some ribbon. I'm not thrilled with the results - I will wear a top over the waist band to hide it but it is finished and it is a nice skirt.


  1. I've improvised a waistband in the past too. It works. Now, I would do without one...

  2. I love the chevron look. Amazing!

    Hemming and altering is a chore but I bet you're happy with the results.

  3. I always find pants extremely difficult to alter....especially at the hips area. That skirt has a nice striped fabric




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