Monday, April 16, 2012

I used Kool-Aid to Dye My T-shirt

I recently read a post by Mongs on My Thifty Closet where she refashioned a pair of pants to mint shorts. I love mint; it is my favourite colour.  Well, I have thought of little else but how many things I could dye that fantastic colour. Once I had a few things picked out, I couldn't find the dye-colour I wanted. All the colours available at Walmart were dark, winter colours like burgandy, navy and dark brown. I wanted to dye an old t-shirt a fun fabulous colour. But I couldn't find a fun colour at Walmart in the dye section.

 And then I started thinking about how food stains clothes, so why not use that information to change the colour of my clothes. If a stain will permanently colour a spot on my clothes, why wouldn't a diluted amount colour the whole top? So I wandered up and down the food aisle at my Walmart Super Center. And I came across Kool-Aid. Here is what I did:

I took an old, faded and stained in spots t-shirt
Angry Cat had to see what all the fuss was about...

Chose a colour of Kool-Aid and a box of salt

1) Put two packs of Kool-aid (Lime-Citrus) into 1.5 litres of water with 1 cup of salt in a pan on the stove. Let it boil.

2) Stir occasionally.

3) When the colour is the strength you like, drain the pan and run cool water on the shirt until the dye runs clear. I found there wasn't a lot of excess dye from the shirt. I then put in a wash cycle with dark colours.

It is now a mint green where it used to be white. It is a more colourful than the picture shows.

Result: the colour is a lovely green. It looks fabulous. The colour is not as strong as it would be had I used a commercial product. I found this method was a lot cheaper (Kool-Aid $.50) and I liked that there weren't a lot of harsh chemicals in it.


  1. I have heard that Kool Aid is good for fruit fly traps - Is this true?

  2. Is the cat named "angry cat"?

  3. Yes. A neighbourhood toddler started calling him that when she tried to put the cat in a headlock. It's both a description and a name!

  4. Thanks for this. I want a brightly coloured shirt when I dye my clothes and this is too mild.



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