Sunday, April 15, 2012

Removing Pet Hair From Your Clothes

 If you have a dog or cat, you know that pet hair can be a problem. Black pants are not an option if you own a white dog or cat because their hair sticks to your new pants and won't let go.

Generally pet hair is best kept off through prevention. Hang clothes up immediately after laundering. Put a towel on the seat of the car where the dog sits and don;t let Fido on the furniture. Here are a few more tips:

Getting Rid of Hair from the source:

Treat the source. Give the little shedder a table spoon or so of CORN oil every day. Much less if he's a little dog. A lab can have a table spoon, a toy dog maybe a teaspoon. It keeps their coat healthy and keeps them from shedding as much. If corn oil bothers you little guy, then try safflower oil. (from ask a vet, found here)

Remember :Your dog should only really shed excessively when their coat is changed...summer and winter....It is a sign of poor nutrition if they shed more than that, so you might want to have excessive shedding checked by a vet.

Also, brush the dog, its not yours, but no one complains because someone is brushing their dog. Brush it every day. It causes blood to reach the skin, nourishing the hair and keeping it healthy so it doesn't fall out as often.

Get one of those rubber brooms, the one that you see "AS SEEN ON TV" at Walmart. (I got one from the Dollar Store and it works fine.) They are EXCELLENT for pulling (you pull not push across the carpet) all the hair out of the carpet.

Massaging your pet all over with damp rubber gloves will get rid of loads of dog hair.

A damp cloth rubbed over clothes and carpets will remove most of the hairs..but its a slow process. A Lint Brush works the same way.

For a cheaper solution, you can use duct tape or any type of thick, sticky tape to remove pet hair from your clothing. Using either a rubber dish washing glove, leather glove, damp sponge, or damp microfiber cloth, just swipe the clothing, then on stubborn spots rub gently in a circular motion and this will get all the hairs as well as superficial dirt/dust

Use Bounce dryer sheets that help repel lint and hair. They seem to work fairly well.

It is also an excellent idea to hang your clothing or fold it and put it away. Pets often enjoy snuggling with clothing, especially when it is warm and freshly washed.

I've found that using a water mister on my hands or the surface to be de-haired, helps the fur cling to my hands as I roll the hair off into balls. They sell rubber "pet" brushes, but I found that a rubber squeegee and mister can remove lots of hair fast from a large area.

A vacuum is your best option. Yes, a vacuum. I have a vacuum targeted for pet hair removal, but, any vacuum will still work. Before I got the pet vacuum, I used the "arm" attachment and weighted down the clothing with books while I vacuumed off the hair. This worked for stubborn pet hair or a quick way to remove it if you don't have time to peel of hundreds of lint roller sheets. You could even use one of those mini-vacuums or a hand-held vacuum. This worked great on my furniture and bedsheets, too!


 Pet hair is more of a problem in cars with cloth seats. Draping the seat with a towel or sheet is the easiest way to prevent hair from working its way into the seat. If practical, keep your pet in a carrier when traveling in the car.


  1. Great post! I use the pet hair brush (its a rubber brush) on my clothes. It works so well I keep one in my car for when I notice last minute that I am covered in cat hair.

  2. And remember to change the lint trap on the dryer!!!

  3. I use a dryer sheet to pull hair from my clothes. It just wipes up when I rub the dryer sheet on my clothes. I always have a few in my bag

  4. thanks for the tips, I used to use sticky tape and painstakingly remove all the dog hair from my bed, I am highly allergic to animal hair. Just one strand can leaving me sneezing for days!


  5. All that hair is the worst thing about my cats! Ugh

  6. We have a Siberian Husky and we have hair everywhere! Thanks for the tips. I think I've tried them all except the bounce sheets someone else said she used to wipe hair off clothes. I have to try that.

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    1. Hi, thanks for the compliment! I started by asking co-workers and people at the dog park what they do to get rid of pet hair. Then I went to Petsmart and asked them. I tried some tips out myself and others I just cross-referenced from various internet sites... In all, my info is from a hodgepodge of people, places and experience!

  8. Great post. I bought a black dog because I wear mostly dark colors. I am usually covered in pet hair but no one knows because it disappears on black pants/top/scarf/ etc.,

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  10. Oh, that's just great timing. I was just having trouble cleaning up the hairy mess my cat made of my carpet. But I kind of already knew that damp stuff picks up hair easier. But still, thanks.



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