Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Working with Plaid (The First Segment)

SO now that I have dabbled in knits, I am working on my worst fear: plaids. I love 'em but I have always been afraid to sew 'em.

Here's the fabric. A nice cotton/poly blend that is chocolate brown with light blue and pink running through it. The best part: we got it for $4/metre. (I say "we" because I am actually making a jacket for a friend.)

Here's the pattern. A lovely princess seamed coat in mid-length. ( I made a jacket for myself in a heavy brocade with polar fleece lining...I like to play with different fabrics. That jacket looks terrific and feels so cozy on! But really, when we found the plaid, I didn't think it through.)

Look at the pieces ....

How do you match plaids with so many seams? I'm really not sure. It takes a better seamstress than me. After a lot of fretting, I decided to piece some of the pieces together and cut as a single, large piece. I will have to play with the fit a bit....


  1. Love the fabric Nothy!!!! Are you going to cut one big piece from 13, 14, 15 (second photo)?

    1. Yes, that is what I am thinking. I have extra fabric to play and I thought I would use this as a learning experience. This is the first pattern I have seriously altered! Wish me luck!

  2. lovely plaid fabric..looking forward to see the completed coat. The pattern looks fabulous. I am not a skilled seamtress so this looks really daunting to me. I am "allergic" to you know why i only do refashions


  3. Love the plaid. can't wait to see it

  4. I love the plaid, can't wait to see it finished



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