Friday, May 11, 2012

Finished a Jacket Started 6 Months Ago

I am trying to finish up the many projects I have started and for one reason or another put down. I have big bags of abandoned projects in my sewing room. And this week, I finished one. 
At the last minute I decided to add a collar to this jacket pattern.

This is the napped fabric that inspired the post sewing with napped fabrics.

I recently found a store with some really funky zipper pulls. There was a large gold cat as a zipper pull...but that is another post....

The fabric is both napped and has a design so I chose to do very little top-stitching. The top-stitching here is actually the seam for the zipper.

Now that I have discovered a whole world of sewing blogs, I would chose a fun, contrasting fabric to line the jacket but when I started this jacket I was very happy at finding a matching lining.

I love how easily I was able to fit the lining inside the jacket and hide all the seam finishes!
So now I have a pretty jacket to wear with all the summer dresses I plan to make.


  1. That's an interesting fabric.

    Your last photo looks a bit like a purse. In fact, I suspect you could make a very nice purse out of this fabric, though you may need to add some kind of liner.

    1. Yeah I guess this could be purse material too. I have never attempted to make one though. I lined this jacket with the exact same colour fabric as the jacket. So it isn;t clear that there is lining.

  2. The zipper makes the jacket much more casual. I really like it.

    1. Thanks. I just wanted something to wear with dresses for the summer. I'm learning all about zippers right now and so I prefer to install them over other fasteners. Also, there is an amazing selection of zipper pulls at a store near me, so I've been having fun selecting just the right pull for my garments too. I'll post about zippers soon.

  3. Looks great. I love the rich color

  4. I have that pattern and I've used it for a blouse. I like the jacket.

  5. Gorgeous fabric.



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