Sunday, May 27, 2012

I Made Multiple Blouses for Spring - Assembly Line Style

I decided to make several tops at once. Thinking that I could use up a lot of fabric and make the sewing process really efficient by finishing three blouses at once. Here are some of the fabrics I decided to use. You'll see which fabrics will be put together for which blouses soon...

It's a simple pattern really. Just four pieces to assemble the outside and three facing pieces. Bu the third cutting, I figured out that if I repeated the bra part of the empire shirt twice I could get rid of the facing pieces altogether.

I spent almost an evening cutting.
Started the first three blouses... assembly line style.

McCalls 6123 is the pattern. I love the mix and match of the cottons on the cover model's shirt.

This blue blouse is the one that I decided to essentially line with the same outside pieces to avoid the facing pieces. I added in this strip of colour (I love the pattern) because I decided to put a tie feature in the back and I had used all my fabric. So the contrast band was a happy accident - the fabric is from a shower curtain I made and will be posting soon.

The zipper for this blouse is 22 inches. I think the pattern specifies it because it can also be made into a dress. I will use a shorter zipper if I decide to make more than these four shirts.

It is starting to take shape...

I just have to finish the neckline and it will be finished......But I had to take my dog to the Basset Hound Bustle. He is reporting on it for Penny Paws at Dawgblawgger (blog is here ;report will be up soon.). Doesn't it drive you crazy to be 90% finished and to have to leave it down for awhile?

 Finished! Just have to repeat the bodice portion over the next few nights and by the end of the work week, I should have three more blouses.


  1. Can I say it's remarkable how fast you put together these projects? My mouth was pretty much agape when I saw that you'd completed one blouse already. And it looks lovely, especially with that contrast band!

    1. Thanks! I find I sew in fits and starts. I'll sew every chance I get for awhile and then I'll need a long break!

  2. What a nice quick pattern to sew up! I am definitely buying this one. I hope its a new one and not a discontinued pattern!

    1. It was current as of March /12 when I ordered it on one of those $3 sales.

  3. I love the blue - sort of a sea blue wouldn't you say? I love the contrasting band against the blue. It really dresses it up. The hem is fascinating. Did you add that in or was it part of the pattern?

    1. It is rather a wide pattern piece that is folded in half and sewn onto the garment as the hem. The odd thing is that it was sewn onto the garment about 1/2 way through sewing it. I am so used to doing the hem at the end and making sure it falls straight that it threw me off a little. It all turned out well though.



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