Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pot Holders with Pizazz

I used up some of my huge supply of scraps to make a few potholders.

I simply sewed a square - one smaller and one bigger.

If you think the fabric is a good match, well it came in my fat quarters mailing together, around last October.

I even put on the pull so I can hang them up when not in use. Although right now, they make better coasters than potholders.


Don't forget to check out my Big List of Scrap Fabric Project List 1(here)  and 2 (here).


  1. i love this idea! And what a way to customize a gift...quick and easy way to personalize something for someone...choose a themed fabric to accent a gift!

  2. These are an easy first project. They look very nice.

  3. I love potholders too! They are a great project for teaching kids.



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