Wednesday, May 16, 2012

See And Sew: A Sewing Book For Children by Tina Davis

This book is fabulous on so many levels. First off, the bold graphics are fantastic and very nostalgic. Moms and grandmas will adore this book as they look at the wholesome, sweet images found on every page. The vintage illustrations will bring back memories of long ago. I actually picked this book up from a used book store because I thought it was a vintage sewing book for children!

See and Sew is really well written. Targeting an elementary age child, each book is filled with easy to follow directions and simple safety instructions. A book for children looking to learn how to sew, this book is filled with good information, definition and step-by-step instruction. It has information on stitches by hand, embroidery, sewing on buttons, and sewing projects. The projects are cute, and it even shows how to make tassels and pom poms. This book is simple enough to teach anyone the basics of sewing. And it is spiral-bound so it can be open while the child sews.
Vintage pics and a spiral binding make this book a treasure.

The journal pages at the back allow the child a chance to personalize the book as his or her own. I’ve learned to write on my patterns and in my sewing manual notes to help me later, but I've been sewing for years. I wish someone had given me permission to make changes, write notes and make the whole process my own. These extra pages allow children to start that process early.

This is an excellent book for working with young children who are interested in sewing. All the basics of sewing are explained in simple terms and are well illustrated. I have started to work with 8 year olds who want to spend some time at school in a sewing club. They were delighted with the draw-string bag project. I will soon be doing the sock doll project and after that, I will have them make the frog pin cushion. Children are eager to sew and do have the patience to learn to thread their own needles, make knots, and sew various types of stitches. They love the finished projects.

The introduction "invites" children to learn how to sew...the projects, like this drawstring pouch, motivate them to do so.

You simply must check out this series of books by Tina Davis. (Sow and Grow and Look and Cook are two other books in this series.) I would definitely recommend working through one book at a time for a fun, hands-on unit study in home arts. Each book is pure and simple enough for a child to use as a reference book on his or her own. However, adults will definitely want to join in on the fun.
The illustrations help children to learn the steps in creating some intricate stitches.
The back cover is as delightful as the front.


  1. oh my goodness! What a cute book! I think I need this as well; I am so lousy at reading complicated sewing instructions and patterns. This is just the perfect book for me actually, step by step simple instructions and I looove the illustrations. Cool! Thanks for sharing this Nothy


  2. Super resource for the beginner!

  3. The illustrations in this book do bring back memories!

  4. The frog pinchushion sounds fabulous.

  5. This is awesome!! I am going to reference it on my blog soon.

  6. That looks like a lovely book. Thanks for sharing this resource.



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