Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Big List of Patterns/Instructions/Tutorials for Sewing Dolls and Doll Clothes

As a teacher, I am always encouraging my students to learn outside of the classroom. As a sewing enthusiast, I like the idea of the young boys and girls learning how to sew.

When I was a little girl, I did a lot of sewing for Barbie and the knock-off dolls I owned. My medium was Kleenex and scotch tape at first. Then I used fabrics - rags actually. And needle and thread. This was my first foray into sewing. I graduated to sewing classes that made clothes for me and skipped the step where I made elaborate clothes for my dolls. 

I see all kinds of patterns for elaborate dresses and costumes for Barbie now. I have no idea if they have been around for years (and I was just not in the "know") or if these are a relatively new invention. 

Here's an example of a dress pattern for Barbie from Butterick. There are tons of them listed on Ebay. There are also some free patterns for making Barbie clothes, like this one.

So then I thought about the doll kit, I purchased and sewed by hand in Florida one winter break. And I went looking for doll patterns on the internet. I had one of those kits with a plastic head - that looked something like a cabbage patch doll - but there is no reason why a rag doll wouldn't be a good first project for a child.

I really like the doll and the instructions here:

Basic doll
And if you need a quick tutorial on making dolls hair, look here.

Martha Stewart has a cloth doll template (and the dolls look amazing) here.

Here is a link to a list of doll projects: 

Mini Baby Mannequin
Here is a link to a pattern to make this baby doll. This doll was made in a neutral colour to denote flesh tones, but I think any scraps could be used to make this doll.  
Here is a link to a Penguin Doll. Obviously, you need more fabric , and fabrics of specific colours for this  doll. 

Here's a site with instructions for sewing, crocheting or making paper dolls.
activities for kids 20 Patterns To Make A Doll  {sew, paper, crochet,}

Do you remember Raggedy Ann? Here's a link and here's a link if you want to make a zombie version. has a few doll kits available for between $10 and $20

Fairy Doll Making Kit
The kit looks cool. I bet any kid would be wowed by this. The customer reviews warn of a long and complicated process though. And since the kit includes tape rather than needle and thread, perhaps it isn't a doll sewing kit. Here's the link.
Here is an American Girl "sew and stuff" kit. The customer reviews are a lot more favourable.  Here is the link.



  1. A tape-together doll sounds like one that would come apart easily, leading to an unhappy child.

  2. My mom is a magician with the sewing machine, and she learned by sewing Barbie clothes. That would've been about mid-60's??? I'm sure they've come a long way since then :)

  3. Brings back memories of making drawstring pouches out of felt and cloth scraps, oversized sewing needle in hand :). Really though, these look like great projects, especially that sleeping doll one in the middle. (A sewn mug and teapot? I never even liked tea parties and still think that's adorable)

    1. I liked the tea set too, even though I didn't play with them either. I liked more action when I played...I guess I was a tomboy

  4. This is inspiring me to make my little girl a doll! The last time I made one my dumb dog chewed it up.

  5. This is a fabulous resource. Thanks



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