Saturday, June 30, 2012

New Curtains for the Guest Room

The fabric is a cotton twill from my stash. I purchased in England  years ago and finally decided to use it. I love the ladybugs and dragonflies on it!

I was careful to line these drapes - I want them to last...and boy, does the sun do a number on unlined drapes!

I made pockets for the rods.

I really do love the bright colours of the drapes, which are quite a heavy twill. 

I made ties too and here are the drapes tied back. I have to work on some sort of sheer  fabric. I don't like the blinds (an odd colour that came with the house...) and sheers would hide them nicely.


  1. Very nice! I'm afraid those blinds look like the kind that don't add much privacy, either.

    1. Thanks! The blinds aren't great but they were the right price: free with the house.

  2. The pattern is very nice. I have bugs printed on my sheets....I love the yellow colour -very unusual.

  3. These are just a fabulous colour and I love the embroidered bugs on them! Very nice fabric choice.



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