Saturday, June 23, 2012

Preshrinking Interfacing

I put my fabric and my zippers, twill tape, elastic and other notions through a cycle of laundry before I get started on a project. But I had no idea that interfacing, even fusible interfacing, is supposed to be pre-shrunk too!

To avoid distortion and puckering when the finished garment is laundered, you must pre-treat all interfacing. Preshrinking fusible interfacing eliminates the ripples that can show up during the ironing process. (I thought this was caused by a too-hot iron!)

Non-fusible interfacing can be laundered with the fabrics for pre-treatment.

How do you pre-shrink fusible interfacing?

1. Put it in a sink of hot tap water and completely submerge it. Make sure it is thoroughly saturated.

2. Blot between towels (never wring) to get out some of the water.

3. Lay flat to air dry (hanging can cause distortion).

A Pictorial of the process I used: 

Here is my interfacing, a couple of metres purchased about a month ago.

I filled the sink with hot tap water...

and submerged the interfacing. Do you see a glass jar sitting in the sink? its holding down the interfacing, which is so light, it floats. My goal was to completely and thoroughly wet it. I let it sit in the water for about five minutes.

Then I put it out on the fabric I purchased for my Cambie dress. I figured the interfacing can lay flat and the pre-washed  fabric will help to sop up any water.

I folded it up so it isn't dripping onto the floor....

and here is my basset hound, thoroughly bored with the whole process. And also, very tired from the dog park where a new puppy took malicious delight in chasing him all around. 


  1. Wow, I would never think of pre-shrinking my interfacing. Thanks for the instructions!

  2. Thanks so much for this information!! This will help me a great deal. That fabric is going to make a gorgeous Cambie. Love the hound. What a cutie!



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