Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Red Knit Dress

It is June and teachers in Ontario are typically very busy in June. Report cards and getting ready for the  next school year, all the year-end things to file and send in, and for me, a change of schools. All this and the students are off-the-wall because they are excited for the hot weather and summer break. So, I've only completed a bit of sewing in the past few weeks...Here is a red, knit dress.

When I was learning to sew, I was taught never to change a pattern. NEVER. So one of  the great things about sewing blogs has been that all of the blogs I read ignore that advice (or maybe never got it in the first place!). Here is the back of the red knit dress I made. Oh, and since it is a knit, I sized down 2 sizes. 

The dress was loosely based on this pattern. And I mean  loosely...first of all, I made  it from a knit and second, I changed the top of the dress completely. (Here is another version of this dress that I made recently). I think changing patterns will be something I can get into for awhile...I love the freedom of it all!


  1. Love the dress! It is fun to change up a pattern and go with something different.


  2. I love it! Why did you decide to work with knits? Really brave to use a woven pattern for knits...

  3. Love this dress. I'm really craving red at the moment and this is just gorgeous!

  4. Lovely dress! I love that it's a knit!

  5. Love this dress. Red is always a hit...



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