Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Wearable First Attempt

Here is the finished dress. I made a lot of changes to it. I cut out a size that ended up being too big so I made some changes as I fit the dress. Its a cotton satin fabric that I found for $6/m and scooped up.

I love the front of the dress.

I love teh shoulder detail. It is tucked together and finishes about 1/2 " in from where it otherwise would. Its a nice, subtle detail.

I wasn't sure about the line that would go across the stomach. I thought it would cut m in half and really not be flattering. It turns out is close to an empire cut but not exactly that high.

Here is the pattern. I cut out all the pieces as instructed but then changed things and put it together in my own way. (I also had to take this dress in quite a bit as it fit big). I will definitely make this pattern again but in a more breathable fabric. It is really hot right now and I couldn't imagine wearing this fitted dress anywhere. It will have more appeal when it cools off this evening.
This is a pic of my devoted basset hound who slumbers while I sew.

Half awake but not quite there yet.

Fully awake and still staying put.


  1. I love those bottom 3 pictures!

  2. Love the dress Nothy. It looks a bit Mad Men ish.

  3. I've got that pattern and didn't like the muslin I made - I think now it was the fabric was too stiff.

    This drapes beautifully - note to self, use drapey cloth!

  4. Like the details along the neck and shoulders a lot -- was the triangular band at the front a detail you added? It looked different from the pattern, but really nice.

    1. The band in the middle of the front was a guess from a picture. I just played until I got something that looked like it.

  5. Bassets have the most wonderful sad looking faces and lovely floppy ears. You have an adorable dog.

    Of course the dress is lovely, that goes without saying.



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