Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Organizing My Sewing Notions

I want to clean up and organize my sewing space. This is a huge event for me as organizing is not my strong suit. Mind you, once it is organized I will be good at keeping it that way. 

Sewing machine cover:

I want to keep my machine dust-free for various reasons. I am simply not someone who wants a fitted, cloth cover. Right now, I drape a piece of fabric over my machine. But I like this idea from Martha Stewart

It is made with a tea towel and some twill tape. It's simple, effective and it works!

For my threads: I love the use of this vintage tool tray from pickup some creativity 

Realistically, unless I make a great find at a thrift shop, I am going to have to find a shallow tray that can display all my thread and hold it as well.

Other Notions:

Zippers: I store these by colour in clear zipper bags.

Needles – small jars or boxes are what I am planning

Empty Baby Jars – Great for storing snaps, buttons, sequence, beads, and pins. Really anything that is small stores well in baby jars.

Spice Rack – Works just as well as the baby jars, a rotating spice rack will make it so much easier to store and access those small items.

So basically, I want an organized and useable sewing room that I can make with recycled items. Does anyone have any tips?


  1. Have a look at my Pinterest board, I have some pretty cool ideas there. Also, I adore peg board. I have two of them with sewing and crafting stuff all over. Very handy and easy to find stuff. I also like those photograph boxes that Michaels sells. I try to get them in plain colours not a print. I have twill tape in one, piping in another, fabric paints, etc.

    1. Okay, I will check it out...Thanks

  2. I have a combo cork and whiteboard above my station where I write notes and pin useful pics. And I use plastic baskets a lot, and those little plastic sets of drawers too. I store all my sewing stuff in 4 big cupboards I bought for a song at the local big hardware store. These don't like being moved once assembled, but are great as you can close the door on it all. :)

  3. Shelves with labelled baskets are the quick and easy way to go. You can always use recycled tubs (ice-cream tubs, margarine tubs, etc.,) if you need to keep costs down.



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