Friday, August 17, 2012

Re-covering an Ottoman and Sewing a Lining for a Basket

I am taking a break from some of my sewing projects to re-organize my home. I re-covered an old ottoman that had become quite tattered over the last few years and I made a canvas lining for a thrift shop basket I bought.
This used to be a nice ottoman until Mr. Muddy Paws (aka Elvis, in the bottom left corner) decided it was his personal  sitting stool and stepping stone....

This is a printed twill cotton that I tried dying brown to soften the home-deco feel of the fabric .  I had wanted to make a dress but since the dye didn't take as well as I would have liked (and I did it twice), I abandoned the idea of a dress and set it aside. Then, I realized it may be a good choice for recovering the ottoman.

I didn't measure, just drape, gauge the size and cut.

It was effortless and I am glad it is finished. It's washer dryer which is good because my dog (whose name is Elvis actually) continues to use it as a stool.

Project #2

This basket was $2.99! It has a lid and is about 2 ft tall. The perfect height for  scarf, hats and gloves  basket for the hallway. (I have these items tucked away in closets and drawers all over the house right now...). I didn't notice until after I bought it that there was only one I just broke it off.

Lining was an easy fit - almost like sewing a pillowcase. If I had to make another, I would make the lining a bit bigger than needed just so it would fit easier. I made it the exact size of the basket and it was a snug fit...

Ta Da!!!!


  1. Lovely! I reckon being able to make things for one's home is even more satisfying than making clothes! :)

  2. oh, what a cool idea to line the basket! I should find a large basket to use as a laundry hamper and sew up my own lining! Hope Elvis enjoys his newly covered ottoman (and wipes his paws before hopping on)!

  3. Very nice. Isn't it an awesome feeling to make something useful for the house? I love it.

  4. The basket looks wonderful Nothy!

  5. Both projects turned out super!

    ~Have a lovely day!

  6. It makes you feel so useful to make things for the house, doesn't it?

  7. I second MrsC and Oonagh that house-reorganizing projects are satisfying in a different way. They feel more practical somehow ... maybe because they're out in the open all the time instead of hanging in the closet? ;)
    Either way, these look like great (and quick) projects! The final lined basket is especially cute.

  8. Love the basket idea! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Love the basket idea! I need to find my sewing machine (we haven't entirely unpacked after moving) so I can make a liner for my laundry basket.



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