Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Part Way There

I'm making a slipcover for the loveseat and bench/ottoman in the living room. This is the first half of my project and I am hoping the second half will be finished for next week:

Here is the blue, micro-suede of the original couch. Apparently it does not stain. When the salesman claimed that he had not met my basset hound -who is sometimes called Mr. Muddy Paws. So I purchased a slipcover which didn't stain but darkened over the years.

I have no idea how to make a slipcover, so I decided to make a muslin out of old sheets. And you know, it worked out pretty well.

After intially cutting pieces for the muslin, I fit them to the couch.

I had to make the front of the arm rest from paper (good ol' paper from IKEA).

And then I draped the real fabric cut from pieces of the muslin. (The fabric by the way was $5/m and it is a heavy polyester - it was in the uphostery aisle but it looks like suiting...)

I'm working away...making speedy headway with it all...

When my basset (with his sore paw from a spider bite) took up his usual spot on the couch. (The striped fabric is for a pet balnket that will stretch the entire length of the couch so that Elvis can sit on the couch and I can still keep the slipcover looking nice). Hopefully this will be finished by next weekend.

Other things I am up to this week:

Steph at Three Hours Past the Edge of the World has started her pre-sale for the Tiramisu. I ordered mine! I love all the fitting details she has included. See her site for more information on the pattern or go to her etsy store to order your own copy. It's only $12 until October 5th. The pattern will ship in November.

I am also signing up for the Craftsy course on Sewing with Knits. I am new to sewing knits - my first top being a Renfrew which went remarkably well. I'm hoping to learn a bit more but I really signed up because I love the Yoga pants and hoodie patterns. There are five patterns with this course and I like them all!


  1. He seems to like the pet blanket!

  2. Aww! How cute is he! I tried to email ya lovie! :( I think I got sent to your spam box. I've got your gift now I just need your address. Please send it to me at & I will send out your goody! I hope your having a great week!



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