Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Postcards and Patterns - the Magazines

 Here is part of my Burda stash. I have decided to just buy and print the patterns I like from the Burda website. The whole process of tracing these things out is too much for me. 

In a trade, I would like three envelope patterns for each magazine.  All magazines are complete and one has a few patterns that have been traced in what looks like pale green hi-lighter or marker. All except the middle one (with the woman in a pink dress) are from 2002.



Some of the patterns in this magazine have been traced and there are marks (it looks like pale green hi-lighter) on some of the pattern pieces. All patterns are intact. (6/2012) Traded

11/2002 Traded



  1. I'd love the middle magazine (06/12, I think?), if you can find three patterns of mine that you like! My posts are here:

    (There was a part 1, but all the items from that have been swapped already!)

    1. okay, I left the patterns I like on your blog...



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