Friday, October 26, 2012

A Big List of Halloween Sewing Projects....

Halloween Lampshade covers from Joanne Fabrics

Bat Wall Decorations from

Are you looking to make spooky treat bags? Look at what Older and Wisor has done with plain bags from dollarama...Actually, look all over this blog. This woman is seriously talented
Silly Pumpkin Pin Cushions from

Fave Crafts has 13 Halloween Sewing Projects including decorations and costumes...

Free dog costume patterns at has 35 easy homemade costume ideas for kids - a lot of these are low-sew but I know that these can be made even better with some sewing skills.

There are 12 Sewing Pumpkin Patterns at I like the patterns because they are more fall-based than Halloween-based and so can be displayed longer ....

There is a long list of links for Halloween patterns - decorative and costumes - at

Sew News has a list of Halloween projects here and my favourite is the make-it-yourself masks for a masquerade party here

Martha Stewart advertises her list as no-sew but we all know that some sewing skills can always improve these spectualar costumes! I love the silk-leaf swamp costume....

Need to make a mask? Try the pattern from here has tons of free Halloween patterns and some really remarkable ideas. I love the animal hats pattern here.

I love the frankenstein doll project at

I love the ghost dress at handmadefuture

Here is a stuffed pumpkin pattern that is great for Halloween from

If you're looking for biblical costume ideas, ther is a pretty good article here

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  1. Some great ideas here! Thanks for all the research!



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