Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Goodies from Ebay

I really have to watch myself when I go on Ebay. I just love buying things on it. A friend advised me to barter on it and so, often I watch an item and if there are no bids near closing time, I make an offer. I have only been turned down once. Well, for the last three weeks or so, I've been shopping on Ebay. I received a lot of goodies in the mail in the last week or so........

I have a vintage (1970s) Kenmore sewing machine and I found a seller on Ebay who sold me 100 bobbins for $15...Sears was willing to sell me 5 for $19.99 and it would take 6 weeks for them to come in!

Swedish Tracing Paper which is hard to find and very expensive in Canada. I got two rolls for $21 on Ebay with free delivery!!!!!

Thread - 200 spools of polyester all purpose. I knew this was a gamble but I spend so much on thread. It is about $5/spool at the fabric shop. This was $40 for 200. And it looks okay....I'll keep you posted.

And a few patterns ordered before my self-imposed pattern diet....

This one is on clearance at Butterick but I ordered the three patterns from Ebay - it wasn't as cheap as the clearance sale but it was quickly delivered and it was free delivery.
These two Colette Patterns meet the requirements of my pattern diet....I can't wait to make the Ginger. I have been eying it for a while and the Hazel below is for making next spring....I buy them from an Ebay store because the store is located in NY and the shipping is a lot less to Ontario from NY than it is from Washington state....My plan is to buy all the patterns I don't own from Colette this year.


  1. Looks like a total score. I love that Threads pattern and you can't go too far wrong with Colette.

  2. Man, the last time I was at the Alameda Antiques by the Bay, they had a big box of metal bobbins like the ones you bought, but they were asking $50 for the whole thing. Of course, some of the sellers there price their wares astronomically high because they think if it's antique, someone would be willing to spend a lot of money. Good score!



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