Friday, November 23, 2012

I inherited this cape...

This was my mother's cape. Given to her by a patient in the 1960s. It was worn a lot and then put away. I found it recently and had it dry cleaned.

The outer shell is mohair wool and the inside feels like a polyester but isn't identified.

I changed the buttons (some were missing and two were cracked) but I don't love the buttons I put on the cape.

They are green but sometimes I think they look like a metal (a bit too shiny)

The craftsmanship has lasted the test of time.
What do you  think? A new lining? New buttons? Live with it for awhile?


  1. It is really nice Nothy. I wouldn't change anything. And what a fabulous color! You didn't say anything about feel though - sometimes those vintage coats feel stiff or heavy.

  2. I'm admiring the topstitching; if only I could be that skilled. I like the colour, a very soft green by the looks of your pictures. I made McCall's 9028 out of an eye-popping orange wool. A word of advice - do not wear a cape while driving a car with a stick shift - it doesn't work well!

  3. Really nice cape. The buttons look okay - would the original ones have been wood? I think a wood button with a slight red to them would set the coat off. I love that old school lining. If it is not too tattered. I would keep the lining.

  4. Love it! Don't change a THING!

  5. Live with will let you know what to's lived a little and knows it's way around the world. What a beautiful garment.



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