Thursday, November 15, 2012

My Sewing Goals

I've been in a bit of a rut lately with sewing....and while, I have been keeping my sewing up, I find I am not enjoying it as much. I have a huge stash of fabrics and patterns, but I don't have the UMPH to get going....
So I have decided to challenge myself to be more creative, try new patterns and make clothes that I can wear. This challenge is partially motivated for my adirmation of bloggers like Ten Thousand Hours of Sewing, because her premise is so smart: to become a better seamstress she has to put the time in and sew, sew, sew.

I know, you're thinking "of course!". But honestly, it has really been about construction for me. Sewing is a lot like playing with Legos, you get to build any way you like.

Using the outcome creates a whole new world for me.

So, I've gone through the stacks of patterns I own - some swapped with other bloggers, some ordered from the Vogue/McCalls/Butterick sales, some bought from independent designers and some bought at thrift stores or on Ebay. I have tons of patterns.Yet, I tend to sew and resew the patterns I have already used.

So, here is my goal:

  • finish one new pattern a month (minimum - two would be ideal but not always doable each month)
  • repeats of patterns need to have a variation (either provided with the pattern or improvised by me)
  • purchase no new big 4 patterns for one year to encourage me to use the patterns I own - and to change them to match new patterns I like
  • purchase all the independent patterns I want - they are well made and motivate me to sew more (hey, this challenge is about more sewing not saving money)
  • purchase no new books (with the exception of the Burda Vintage book and the two I ordered this weekend plus any really, really good thrift shop deals that I can;t pass up!)
  • sew a wardrobe of clothes that fit, look good and make me feel good
  • wear the clothes I make


  1. All of your goals sound like worthy ones that I should do as well, except when you got to the part about not buying books. Oh my, there is no way that could ever happen. Just the thought makes me feel panicky.

    I think I may have a problem, hello, my name is Elle and I am a bookaholic.

  2. That sounds like a solid plan to me. I'm with you on buying from independents. I really like the idea of contributing to the success of their business and it's so easy to get help if you are stuck.

  3. Good goals and good luck on attaining them. I am trying not to buy anything right now but notions. I can sew all I want to with what I have on hand.


  4. i'm with you on pretty much all of these (although i don't buy many books so nevermind that one) especially the no more big four patterns and using what i patterns i already have, with the exception for indie ones, of course ;)

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