Saturday, November 17, 2012

Thrift Store Fabrics

This is the fabric aisle at a local thrift store I visited on Friday. I ended up going to three of them this weekend and I spent about $30 on fabrics and patterns....

Look at my finds! Lots of bright colours and lighter fabrics. (I guess people are fall-cleaning and they want to keep the heavier, warmer fabrics).

I have about 2 m of this really cool cotton twill. I was thinking a swing coat but there isn't enough. Any suggestions?

Halloween patterns were in big supply and I nabbed a few other patterns too...

This jacket has a peplum which is why I bought the pattern.

Not sure if I'll use this one but I liked the dress in the bottom corner

A few more patterns....

I wasn't sure about this pattern - I was thinking it would be better in black and without the jacket....

both cottons, the green is a heavy cotton like a cotton-duck

This is a knit and I loved the paisleys on it

The orange floral will definitely be a skirt next summer and the that's a roll of plaid cotton there. It has some sort of protective sheen to it and it is meant as a decorator fabric....we'll see

It photgraphs as a deeper plaid - it is actually quite faint. I believe I scored 7 m for $12

This is the reverse - again, darker in the picture than in real life.


  1. Nice haul on the fabric, even though I have more than a closet full of fabric, seeing what you got makes me wanna go shopping. I really like the rock and roll print.

    Must. Not. Buy. More. Fabric.

  2. What a score! I am a true thrift store junkie! Can u guess who it is?



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