Friday, January 18, 2013

A Blogging Award

Michelle from the bookworm sewist gave me this great award! I am thrilled. She is also hosting a sew-along for Gertie's shirtdress which I will be doing (hopefully with a new sewing machine)...And do go and grab a button - they are amazing!!

Gertie's Shirtwaist Dress Sew-Along

So, first things first, for this award, I have to tell you 11 facts about myself.

1. I read a lot.
2. I am goog when I have goals but they have to be short-term goals or I lose track of them.
3. I want to write a book - a novel.
4. I have a dog that I adore and he is spoiled and becoming grumpy in his old age.
5. I laugh a lot. I've always gotten in trouble for laughing but once I start I can't stop.
6. I love absurd things.
7. I sew to relax.
8. I strongly wish that all children were raised to explore hobbies and interests.
9. I want to be comfortable but not rich.
10. I only buy candy that I do not like, and will not be tempted by, for the students in my class. (They miss out on caramels, smarties, and butterscotch candies as a result.)

Now I get to ask my nominee's questions.
  1. What is your favorite movie? I am not much of a movie watcher.
    2. What is your favorite fabric to work with? So far, cotton.
    3. What is your least favorite fabric to work with? Anything too stretchy beyond a basic knit.
     4. What is your happiest childhood moment? Playing Risk with my brother.
     5. Who was your first love? A boy I went to high school with
     6. If you won a million dollars, what would you do with it? Move. Invest. Go to Europe.
     7. What is your favorite board game (or video game)? Risk
     8. What is your favorite thing you have ever made (clothing or not)? My many Renfrew shirts.
     9. How do you keep organized? I throw a lot out. And, I am not that organized.
     10 What is your favorite time of day? Early morning.
      11. What is your favorite book? (would expect any other question from the Bookworm Sewist??) Excellent question. I like a tons of books...but I think my favourite is a book called The Secret History by Donna Tratt.

The Nominees:

seraphinalina This is a great blog.
Red Tin Heart. This is an eclectic blog and I find it very visually appealing.
The Thoughts and Sarcastics Observations of a Starbucks addict. I go to this blog for a good laugh.

Amazing Books Need I say more?

Girl in the Woods Reviews A favourite book review site of mine.

Stitched in Color. Great blog

September Violets This is a really cool blog. Lots of great creativity.

The Naked Spool. I love this blog. It has so many great ideas that I have copied....

Pieces and Love A fun quilting blog...with recipes too!

Cane Pancake Gravy. Lots of interesting subjects.

Curiosity Cottage I wish I was this creative.
Questions for My Nominees:

1.   What is the most important thing about you?
2.    Name three things you would like to do this year?
3.    Do you set goals?
4.    Do you have a dayplanner?
5.    What is your favourite tv show?
6.    What is your favourite book?
7.     Do you sew, knit, etc?
8.    What does an ideal day look like?
9.     Have you ever been to a spa?
10.   How do you make the world a better place?
11.   What is a goal you've set that you met more easily than you anticipated?


  1. Well thank you, I am truly honoured. Thanks!

    And really? Risk? I loathe games that require cut throat skills of pushing people out. Risk would fall into that group. I'm more of a Settlers of Catan kind of girl.

    And I totally hear you on #9. Comfortable but not necessarily rich is my goal too.

  2. Congrats on your win! It's nice learning more about you!

  3. This is really so exciting!!! So here are my answers to the questions you asked! :D

    1. What is the most important thing about you?

    The MOST important thing about me is that I am a Christian that always looks for God Winks!! :D

    2. Name three things you would like to do this year?

    - Have a belated Honeymoon
    - Add a front and back porch to our little Curiosity Cottage
    - Finish writing one of my books & publish

    3. Do you set goals? Yes
    4. Do you have a dayplanner? No
    5. What is your favorite tv show? The Voice
    6. What is your favorite book? When God Winks at You by SQuire Rushnell
    7. Do you sew, knit, etc? sew, embroidery & write
    8. What does an ideal day look like?

    Up by 5:30, kids to school and at work by 8:45, teach until 1:40 and then home to spend time with my precious husband and create new and exciting things.

    9. Have you ever been to a spa? Yes
    10. How do you make the world a better place?
    I try to treat others the way I would want them to treat me.
    11. What is a goal you've set that you met more easily than you anticipated? Taking my Curiosity Cottage into a store front location.



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