Monday, January 28, 2013

Organizing My Sewing Space

Did you think was a garage? Sadly, it is my sewing space. It shares the basement with a rec room and a treadmill. I am determined to spend the next few weeks fixing it up....while I sew. More pics and less clutter to follow...

What's my next project?

The pattern (sorry for the poorly lit pic) and the fabric (a poly/wool blend I found at Fabricland a while ago for $3/metre). The pattern was purchased long ago and forgotten. In keeping with my sewing goals, I am trying "new" patterns rather than re-using the same old ones.

I'm cutting tonight and hopefully sewing tomorrow night or - if not- Wednesday.

That and report cards are what's up this week....


  1. Hmm. That looks suspiciously like my basement sewing space except that mine has green and gold shag carpet.

  2. Aha, pants! And good idea with the tidying ... though you know, I find keeping sewing spaces clean is just as hard as cleaning them. Mine is a table in a storage room and it gets cluttered within mere hours. Not to discourage you! :)

    1. This is actually cleaned up a bit. But looking at the picture lets me realize some of those things should find their way back home to the garage...I'm planning to do a little each day and then paint.

  3. Hey, at least you have drywall, I have bare studs in the Sewing Dungeon. And, yours is far tidier than mine. Which you will never see. Ever.

  4. Much as I said to CGCouture when she posted her sewing room picture, I can see that you have a floor. That puts it in better shape than my sewing room.

  5. Good luck with reorganizing your sewing space! I did mine at the weekend and in the end it did not take tas long as I had anticipated. Of course when I went down to sew last night I decided I didn't want to mess it up just yet so came back upstairs and watched TV instead!!!!!

  6. That's so much tidier than my sewing loft....



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