Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Migraine, A Winner, A New Contest and Two Awards

Okay, I had a terrible migraine this long weekend (it was Family Day in Ontario) so I fell behind on my February Challenge sewing. I am extending February into March for one week. I am just determined to finish four pair of pants...one of which is 90% finished and another is already cut out and just waiting to be sewn up.

I also let the February Burda Magazine Give-away run later than St Valentine's Day...again, I blame my migraine...the winner is Jody Sears....I've emailed you Jody but if you're reading this, send your address and I'll post it today.

And I am humbled to learn that I have been awarded two awards....

from honig-design.blogspot.ca 

liebsterblogawardand the Leibster from Sewtell

There are rules and obligations to these wonderful awards, the answers to which I will post  later this week...

Finally I another Burda give-away,if you're sick of snow and cold, I'm giving away the Aug 2002 Burda (lots of pics below so you can get an idea...) to help warm you up. Just leave a comment and you're entered in the draw (oh, and I'll mail anywhere in the world and please let me have a way of contacting you!). This winner will be picked March 5th...


  1. Boo for migraines. Count me in for your drawing. I'd like a closer look at the kids plaid outfits.

  2. Congrats on your awards!!

    Please enter me for the Burda draw. I love the look of the olive green (?) skirt and top.

  3. Congrats on your awards :)
    Please enter me also for the Burda. I have yet to find one in person and I'm so curious to see what this magazine is about (well, sewing of course) - Thanks!

  4. Oh I love the kids patterns. Count me in!

    1. whoops! Jemmiderbers (at) hotmail dot com

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Count me in!!! Mandi at gmail dot ca. I love Burda and this issue looks fantastic

  7. I'll pass on the contest, I'm still working on the issue I won. I really should get back to the dress I started while it's still winter!

    I've decided my headache was(is) a migraine. I get auras with migraines so without the aura it takes me a bit to realize what's going on. But day 3 of feeling stupid and noise sensitive on top of the headache and I think it's more than "just" a headache.

  8. Hi, I am sorry you have had a migraine, I hope you are getting back to your normal self - not surprising that your February challenge is not completed. I think though the challenge is to challenge ourselves. I've joined the challenge as well, so I guess we'll cross paths over blogs. I won't go in the drawing, I already subscribe to Burda magazines. I'll leave it for someone else.



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