Sunday, February 10, 2013

I Made it (No, I'm About Half-way Through Making it) Monday Bloghop

I'm in a bloghop.... and it is for creative people with blogs. kidding. Anyway I saw some really great ideas on different blogs...Like teacup hooks from Fluff the Mindless Reader and a green pizza recipe from Healthy Mommy, Healthy Baby

Look at this amazing pizza from Healthy Mommy

I will be making some cool teacup coathooks and some green pizzas soon. Until then, I'll update you on my weekend. Snow, snow, snow...I shoveled four times on Friday! Schools were closed so I didn't have to worry about driving in it....

This is the first pants pattern I decided to try because it promises extra tips for fitting pants - which is my problem with making pants...

Here is one of the added in tips I am finding quite useful.

I'm making version A, shown here, but I want a straight-leg pant not one that is tapered. So I cut accordingly.

Another good and useful tip built right into the pattern

Here is the muslin, all taken apart and put away so that I can use it again if I make another pair of pants from this pattern. (and oh, Palmer and Pletsch push for tissue fitting but lately, I've seen the wisdom of muslins. Also, I take them apart and use them as fabric pattern pieces and keep them to re-sew later....It is just nice to know that these pants will fit. And I find with tissue fitting, I am still doing a lot of trial-and-error fitting on the finished garment.)

This is my fabric choice - from my stash- a royal blue light-weight twill.

Fabric pattern pieces on fabric

This is the wrong side of the fabric- look how it picks up lint. The right side looks almost exactly the same except it doesn't pick up lint (thank goodness!)

I keep everything from a used pattern in an extra large Ikea ziplock bag.

Oh, and because I was bored, I used the first fitting of the muslin to make these pajama bottoms from fabric from my stash

 I am hoping to have the pants completed tomorrow night. I am also working on a wearable muslin for a spring jacket I'm making for a friend. This wearable muslin is more to be sure I can make the jacket than for fitting purposes....Again, all fabrics bought previously....


  1. Blog looks good (I mean the Wish I could have it right now.

    1. Me too. I am going to try to make that really good looking green pizza tomorrow night for dinner!

  2. Oh you're busy! That pizza looks amazing.

  3. Looking forward to seeing the finished pants. I have looked at this pattern a number of times so very interested to hear how you like it. Pizza looks delicious!!!

  4. I haven't got back to it but I made pj pants (well, shorts) for my first foray into pants too. It's a good way to get a wearable muslin.

  5. Can't wait to see your finished pants. The fabric is gorgeous. I have this pattern, and am happy to see that it includes such good tips. Thanks for the great post. It's definitely motivating.



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