Monday, February 25, 2013

Look at this Challenge!!!

Join the Challenge: Sew Your Own Wardrobe for a Year! is a blog hosted by several sewists from the Toronto Area. They have made the commitment to sew and wear their own clothes for one year beginning April 2013. And they want you  to join them!!! I love this challenge.  Join me in making the commitment to yourself, and to your bank account by refusing to buy rtw clothing for the year.....

I can only do this challenge because of Victoria's amazing Fearless February Challenge. I have been sewing all month. And I will have two pair of pants to post this weekend and maybe a third. I did give myself an extra week due to a migraine - so my February lasts until the 8th of March. I can't believe how confident I have become about sewing pants!!!! Pics later this week....Oh! And I haven't just been sewing trousers. I am also about to finish a coat. I threw it in at the last moment and besides a few last minute fitting issues, it has been quite easy so far....That should be done by tomorrow night or Wednesday night at the latest....

I decided to enrol in Natalie Chanin's Craftsy class....I love her work. I'm not going to wait the 2 months it takes for the pattern to get here. I'm going to use her embellishing techniques on a skirt pattern instead.
From the Craftsy site "Designer Natalie Chanin will show you how to hand-sew appliqué and add artistic stencils and stitches to turn a Vogue coat pattern (included free!) into a work of art". I have two of her books and I want to get the third soon....

Source: Mimi G
 And I plan to take the pencil skirt online class at Mimi G after seeing Kelly's amazing pencil skirt at Sew much to do, sew little time. The course is only $10.99 and to have a great skirt at the end of it is just amazing. (I'm signing up tonight!!!)

  Also, still for the Greater Toronto Area, there was a meet-up on Saturday,
February 25th, that I thought was next weekend but turned out to be this weekend. So I missed it. They ( Gillian and Adrienne) have promised to put together another meet up for the summer months.


  1. Aw, I missed the meet-up as well! I hope they do one again soon.

    Good luck with the (ambitious) sewing challenge, by the way :) I think I'd like to sign up but I'm graduating and going into the workplace this year, and I'm worried I won't be able to sew an entire "professional" wardrobe from scratch...

  2. Nothy,

    Thanks for spreading the word about the challenge! Have a great day, Vita

  3. I look forward to doing the year long challenge with you and seeing your creations.



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