Monday, March 4, 2013

Winter is too Long and I Didn't Get a Lot of Sewing Done this Weekend....

Here is my approach to winter: I count the days until spring. And even with that, I build in some relief. For instance, I consider March 1st a milestone because the worst two months of winter are behind us. And, I reason, even if there continues to be snow and cold, the days are longer and the end is in sight. And that brings me to my next milestone: the time change, this year it will be on March 10th.

Not my car, thank God. Just one that is stalled on the side of the road....

The evenings will be longer and it won't seem so dismal. The third milestone is the spring equinox on March 22? (or 21st? I never know...) because then spring is here and warmer weather should arrive soon....(even though spring is typically quite cool the negatives numbers are gone in the daytime anyway).

So it is March 4th and it is very cold. It is -6 C as I write this.....It was cold all weekend and all the snow covered fields are ice-covered too. And people have put tons of salt out on the sidewalks to keep others safe. The problem is that the ice bothers my dog's paws and the salt does too.

Even the dog park was an ice rink this weekend!

So I stayed in this weekend with a grumpy basset hound (who blames me for the weather) and no energy to sew.

To cheer myself up, I even went fabric shopping. I am excited about the fabrics I bought.....

Parking on a side street near the Fabricland in Hamilton - I never understand when people don't clear the snow off immediately....

And I enrolled in Sandra Betzina's pants fitting course on Craftsy because I am slowly plugging away at the Fearless February Challenge. I didn't enrol in this class sooner because I wasn't too impressed with the pattern on offer but then I happened upon VeryPurplePerson blog and I loved the pants she made.

I did have plans to take Angela Wolfe's Tailoring Ready-to-Wear course but then I realized that I just don't need that now that I signed up for the very inspiring Sew Your Own Clothes for a Year challenge.

And Colleen has 8 Great Reasons to Sew Your Own Clothes at her amazing sewing blog....I have to do a full review of her fashion sewing blog because it is an amazing resource for us learn-it-yourself sewists....I've recently found a whole lot of great new (to me) sewing blogs!!!


  1. Yes, yes, yes, to 'winter is too long'. I actually like the early months of winter, but when it gets to March and the temperature is still sitting staunchly in the negatives....:(.

    Good to hear about all the ways you're challenging yourself in terms of sewing this year!

    1. I would be happy to never know a day with temperatures below 10 C again!!!!

  2. I had to turn off our air con 'cause it was too chilly in here.

    Sorry. I'll keep my palm trees, thanks. "Somebunny's" got 'rough' it; it might as well be me.


  3. Agreed, I'm definately ready for spring. I have been working on my spring wardrobe and it's depressing seeing it sit there...:( I'm glad you joined the sew your clothes for a year challenge...I look forward to seeing your creations. Colleen G. Lea is a great her!!!

  4. I like winter when I can get out and do something. The problem with our winter is that it snows, it's pretty for 2 days, I get a little exercise shovelling and I work from home. But it doesn't stay pretty and it doesn't stick around to actually go snow shoeing or plan for winter activities. As I got dressed this morning I noticed my beige pants languishing in my closet, generally feeling too light in colour for winter. Maybe spring is coming in my head if no where else.

  5. I had quite forgotten how awful northern hemisphere can be - I've lived downunder for years now. It's such hard work, no wonder your doggy is down in the dumps. I guess also the bleakness might affect your mood -spirits go up when the sun is out, and exercise helps too, so no wonder you don't feel like sewing. I hope things improve soon ready for the sewyourownwardrobeforayear challenge. Its no fun fitting spring clothes either in the cold of winter, unless you enjoy shivering.

  6. Mistake above - the northern hemisphere is lovely, I had forgotten how awful the winters up there could be.

  7. I'm shivering just looking at those photos. No thanks!! I've so enjoyed it being in the 70's this week here in Texas, but it makes me sad that summer - my LEAST favorite time of year, with it's months and months of 100 degree days - is just around the corner.



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