Friday, May 31, 2013

My Weekend Plans: Sewing!!!

It is suppose to rain most of this weekend, so inbetween shuttling my moping basset hound to and from the dog park, I plan to sew. (I almost wrote "mopping" instead of "moping" and believe me, if he could mop I would be thrilled...Heck, I'd be thrilled if he could even vaccuum.)

The season has changed from winter to summer and, since I joined the Sew-Your-Own-Wardrobe-For-One-Year challange, I have been reduced to the few items I have in my wardrobe from last year....

So, I need to make several t-shirts. The first set will be Renfrews because I know and love the pattern and I can churn out four or so over the weekend.  I have red fabric, green fabric and a few patterned fabrics for this venture. I will have substantial scraps left over, so you may even see a hybrid t-shirt too!

Next, I'm making pants. Just a quick pair of slip-on pants (no waistband, just darts and a side zipper). These additions will see me through the next few weeks.....


  1. You can't have too many Renfrews in your closet.

  2. Sewing for a weekend sounds like a vacation in itself! Enjoy. BTW, do you watch movies or listen to music while you sew?

  3. I need to crack open my Renfrew pattern. Can't wait to see yours.



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