Saturday, July 27, 2013

A Handmade Gift

As a teacher, I am blessed to receive so many gifts. This is the handbag I am using this summer, a gift from a student made by her mother. I can't imagine a more suitable summer bag. I believe I will use it for many years....

 Again, the whole bag was made crocheted using a nylon rope. It isn't jute which would be less fluid in its appearance. Jute is sometimes crochet into baskets but generally not handbags. (And the lovely pumpkin colour you see is the right colour- they didn't use that bright orange construction rope!)

The handles of the bag are simply continued in the round but not attached. It is a really simple and elegant design.

And it is roomy enough to be used as a tote, although this summer I am using it as a handbag.

A close-up so you can admire the work that went into this beautiful gift....


  1. That's a lovely bag - how nice to get a gift like that.

    1. Thanks I LOVE this bag! Teachers receive so many gifts - actually just working with kids is a gift - and I am humbled when I receive such a thoughtful gift like this one.

  2. That's a fantastic gift, very thoughtful. Nylon rope will be so durable.

  3. I would never have thought of a crochet bag, but it looks amazing! I sew gifts for my children's teachers, so it's lovely to see a gift being so appreciated :-)
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my Saltspring post, I'll keep an eye out for your version on the sew-a-long!



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